About Us

Welcome to our website! We are a small family owned business. Our mission is to outfit the world with our soft classic Baja hoodies, also known as Drug Rugs.  

Growing up in the 70's, my husband Bill, spent his high school years in California riding waves and hanging around bonfires on the beach with great friends and his well worn Baja hoodie.  It was a popular hippie style and everybody had one.  Stuffed in a bag or tied to his handlebars, his Baja hoodie went everywhere with him. The hoodies were, and sill are, colorful, roomy and warm, making it the perfect hoodie for a cool night on the beach, camping, hiking or hanging out around a bonfire with friends. Making his way to Chicago as an adult, were we eventually met, life happens and you lose that cherished item and move on.

Finally done grinding thru life in the big city, we retired to the Smokey Mountains. A beautiful place, full of the freshest air on the planet.  We found a peaceful, quiet, mountain to call home and enjoy our days hanging out in the woods with our beloved German Shepherd.

Then, several years ago, on a motorcycle trip, we stopped in a small town and browsed some of the local shops, where we came across a rack of Baja hoodies. Totally stunned, as the memories came flooding back, we started rifling thru the hoodies and picked several of them to take back home with us.  Then, one night while we were sitting out back by the bonfire, we came to the conclusion, that we needed to share these hoodies and spread the joy of those long lost memories and give everyone a chance to make new awesome memories. And…..Bonfire Baja Hoodies was born!

All our hoodies are authentic, made in Mexico and purchased from a reputable U.S. fair trade distributor.