Doing The Laundry

Doing the laundry is not the highlight of our day. But, hey, it's got to get done. We all have that little pile of special stuff that needs to be carefully washed. We want it to last, right? I've included a few guidelines below, to help you keep it looking cool!

* Wash in cool water on gentle cycle. This will help prevent shrinking.

* Do not use bleach. 

* Dry it on a delicate cycle, using the lowest heat setting.  High heat will promote shrinking.

* Or, lay it flat to dry.

Your hoodie will be very fuzzy when you first get it.  You can take it outside and shake it out real good. Then wash it before you wear it, or you will have fuzz all over your clothes.  The fuzz will go away after one or two washings, and your hoodie will get softer and softer.

Our hoodies are shrinkable.  If you order a hoodie and it's a bit too roomy for your liking, simply wash it in warm water and dry it on a regular cycle.  It will shrink a little at a time.  You can repeat the shrinking process until you like the fit, then continue to wash it in cold water and dry it on a low setting. This will maintain your perfect fit.