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Celtic Rose Chain Maille Necklace

Celtic Rose Chain Maille Necklace

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Capture the timeless beauty of Celtic design with this necklace. Handmade from chain maille, this accessory showcases the Celtic love knot, symbolizing endless love & eternity. Its perfect for your special someone.

Celtic Rose Chain Maille Necklace

This Celtic Rose Chain Maille Necklace is made from bright aluminum and anodized aluminum, it is very lightweight and comfortable.  We used 18 guage wire rings.  The pendant is 1 1/2  inch in diameter and comes with a leather necklace measuring 20 inches.

Hand made Chain Maille bracelets!  Intricate patterns that are mind blowing!  They attract attention and stand out!!  Built one ring at a time by my daughter and I. She is Amazing!

Please allow 3-5 days for production. However we may get it done sooner!

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