Cobalt Charcoal White Classic Mexican Blanket




Cobalt Charcoal White Classic Mexican Blanket
Size:  Approximately 50" x 74"
Material:  Acrylic Blend (Acrylic with Cotton and Polyester)
Made in Mexico
Our Classic Mexican Blankets are 10% heavier and are softer than the average Mexican Blanket. They get softer and fuller with each wash.
We have many beautiful color combinations available from which you can choose. Our Classic Mexican Blankets are very popular and are a great value.  
Care Instructions:  Hand or Machine wash in warm or cold water. Tumble dry with low heat. Adding softener when washing or a softener sheet in the dryer makes them feel great. Lint will go away after 1 or 2 washing. Be sure to empty your lint trap. Due to the authentic nature of the manufacturing process there may be loose strings. Simply remove these with a scissors or keep the rustic look.

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